The Fresh Beat Band - Why My Kids Love It

The Fresh Beat Band is an extremely entertaining musical Television show for kids. It seems like these days more than ever that musical Television shows are popular among kids of all ages, and shows like these certainly aren't a new phenomenon. For example, groups such as the Wiggles have become worldwide household names, so it just proves how much kids love these shows. The Fresh Beat Band certainly doesn't disappoint in terms of entertainment value, well not for me but for my young kids definitely.

My Kids And The Fresh Beat Band

My two year old in particular really loves The new Beat Band as well as dances to the tunes in front of the TV most of the time. Sometimes I will catch myself getting engrossed in the show myself while I'm doing something else in front of the TV. It is simply very fun and entertaining, the background music is very catchy and also the show has some nice lessons for kids too.

They are also referred to as JumpArounds and feature on the Nick Jr. Channel. The show is all about four best friends who really enjoy music and attend exactly the same music school together. Together, they are the Fresh Beat Band comprised of Shout, Twist, Marina and Kiki.

The new Beat Band Episodes And Flow

Typically, every episode of The Fresh Beat Band goes like this. It starts off having a song about the issues that they are about to solve within the episode. Then there will be a little more about the problem, not to mention the band will team up and work together to solve the problem through out the episode. And when the problem is solved through the band, they'll perform another song concerning the problem and how they solved it.

Simple formula, but super easy to watch and my children just love it!

How to proceed If You Just Can't Get Enough Of The Fresh Beat Band...

There is a CD that's been released by The Fresh Beat Band in September of 2011, to get a hold of that on Amazon. Obviously, there's the catchy Theme Song from the show, and all your favorites too like Go Bananas, Great Day, Let's begin and more. There's also a future tour according to some rumors, however i personally don't know an excessive amount of about that so you might wish to check out their official site.

Here's in which you catch find out more about the Fresh Beat Band including videos and lyrics. The Fresh Beat Band website is the greatest around.

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